MNMC #Two's Tea | 60g

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This tea is designed to evacuate your bowels and relieve constipation

Suggestion: This tea is a laxative tea to get your bowels moving when constipated. Focus on increasing fibre, water and movement in your lifestyle this is #1 for treating constipation and use this tea when these lifestyle measures are not enough. Also try using with Liver Your Best Life Tea or Glow from Within Tea to get your bowels moving. Long term laxative use is not recommended, and we suggest if constipation persists, please consult your healthcare provider

Directions: 1-2tsp in a small tea pot of boiling water or tea infuser, brew for a minimum of three minutes

Senna Certified Organically grown in India
Liquorice root Certified Organically grown in Australia
Peppermint Certified Organically grown in Australia